2017 – Dreams & Goals

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think that if you want to change something about your life or lifestyle, then there is no time like the present, whether it’s 1st January or 1st July.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have ambitions for 2017.¬†On the contrary, I have big dreams for this year. So this week I’ve been sitting down with a cup of tea and a beautiful new notebook and I’ve been writing down my dreams and goals for this year, along with when I want to achieve them by and what steps I need to make them happen. I’m definitely someone who gets easily overwhelmed (which results in endless procrastination) so writing everything down in to managable steps really helps me to prioritize and focus, not just on the end goals but on the small achievements along the way.

I think sharing your goals and dreams a really important step in helping you to visualise them and to hold yourself accountable for making them happen, so here are my goals and dreams for 2017:

  • To shoot 20 weddings across Europe
  • To launch a new wedding & lifestyle blog for outdoor loving couples featuring stunning outdoor locations in Europe
  • To travel to 4 new places
  • To declutter my home and create a clean, organised and inspiring workspace
  • To have more time off with Menno

I’d love to hear about your dreams and goals. Write them in the comments below.




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