The 2017 Wedding Trends You Can Forget About

This morning I sat with my cup of Lemsip (I usually prefer Yorkshire Tea but it seems my body needed something stronger) and I was scrolling through a few wedding blogs looking at what trends they are talking about for 2017. After the 3rd blog I read, my brain felt like it was going to explode (although that could also be the lemsip).

These blogs were filled with absolutely beautiful ideas. I saw floral art installations, the must-have colours of 2017, metallic finished cakes, late-night snack buffets, the blue glassware because normal glasses are so 2016…. the list goes on.

The trends that you see are beautiful. And if you want your wedding to be featured on a trendy wedding blog then that’s definitely a good way to go.

I’m quite honestly not a huge fan of these so-called “wedding trends”. Perhaps that’s because I’ve never really been a follower of fashion. I prefer something else.

I love it when a couple uses themselves as the inspiration for the wedding day. In my opinion, the best weddings I’ve been to are not the ones that were trying to recreate a styled shoot out of Style Me Pretty. They are the ones where the couple poured their personalities into every aspect of the wedding. Where they chose to skip on the extravagant table decorations in favour of simplicity in a stunning location that held meaning for them or wear a dress made by one of their best friends instead of a traditional bridal gown. It’s the personal touches that are the most meaningful. They are the things that tell your story.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding day, it should be something you both love. A wedding is about two people getting married. It’s a celebration of love. It’s the joining of families. It’s watching Grandma have more glasses of bubbly than she probably should and getting rowdy on the dance floor. That’s what will always be my top trend. Moments of love, happiness and laughter.

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