5 Alternatives to a Guest Book that your Guests Will Love!

A typical guest book works for some weddings but others would rather have their own unique twist on it! These are some creative ways to remember everyone who was at your wedding other than a typical guest book.

Polaroid Table

The polaroid table is becoming more common among modern weddings for its cuteness and visibility. The idea is to have guests pick up a Polaroid camera then take and sign a snapshot of themselves. This is truly a lot of fun and presents the opportunity to showcase your guests’ personality! Then the Polaroid snapshots are taken and put in a scrapbook of some sort or clipped on with a clothespin to a line, typically. Of course, feel free to put a unique spin or twist on this adorable idea!

Polaroid Guestbook as an alternative to a traditional guestbook by Wild Connections Photography


Jenga or Puzzle Pieces


If you’re looking for something more custom and interactive, a Wedding Jenga guestbook may suit you! Guests will sign wooden blocks then, like the game of Jenga, place them on top of each other. This can be a lot of fun, especially if the pieces are big enough and if you allow guests to write not only their name but, advice as well. Similar to this is custom puzzle pieces where guests work together. Guests will fit their signed puzzle pieces together to complete a custom image.


Fingerprint Guestbook

The fingerprint tree guestbook is another fun and interactive way to get your guests involved and for them to create a beautiful picture that can become a beautiful piece of art for your wall. This is a fun DIY sort of project that allows the couple to customize the appearance of the guestbook to their liking. There are several different designs available, including trees or balloons.

A finger print tree as an alternative to a traditional guest book by Wild Connections Photography

Guest Quilt

If you’re looking to create an early family heirloom, this may be the guestbook for you. Have guests sign either a premade quilt or small pieces of cloth to create the ultimate heirloom and warm memory. This is how to create a fuzzy and warm memory in the most literal sense. The guest quilt is a great idea for those with kids, pets, loved ones, or who just like to stay warm and unique. On the guest quilt, you can also have people write advice or mementoes- depending on the size of the space allotted¬†to write per guest.


Map/Globe Guestbook

For a destination wedding, this may be perfect. You can have guests pin what part of the world they’re coming from and have name labels attached to those pins, for example. You can have guests simply sign a map or globe, wishing you and your loved one the best on your special day! There are so many ways and options to take this guestbook alternative in your own direction to fit your wedding.

A globe as an alternative to a traditional wedding guest book by Wild Connections Photography

These are some creative ideas to help make your wedding unique and as memorable as ever. These unique alternatives can help you and your guests bond while having a special keepsake for everyone who was there on this magical day.


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