Five Tips To Ease Wedding Planning Overwhelm

At some point or another during your wedding planning, no matter how organised you are, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Here are 5 tips to help you ease that feeling of being overwhelmed:

Stop multitasking and learn to set boundaries

Set up a weekly schedule and set yourself boundaries for when you’re going to be doing wedding planning activities. If you’re pinning images on the commute to work, shopping for wedding favours in your lunch break and doing table plans when you get home, you’re not giving yourself a chance to ever switch off from “wedding mode”. Instead, put aside a set amount of time each week where you can sit down with one single focus. When one task is done, then you can move on to the next one.

Learn to say “thank you but no”

Whether your friends, family or work colleagues are married or not, most of them will almost certainly at some point give you their opinions on your wedding. Stay strong, and stick to your convictions, and get comfortable saying “Thanks, that’s a great idea, but we’re happy with the choices we’ve made”.

Ask yourself “Does it need to be done today?”

Make a list of everything you need to do, and give each task a deadline. Does it need to be done right now? If the answer is no, then leave it for another day, take the evening off and enjoy a romantic movie night with your partner without any wedding talk.

Take a Break and Get Outside

Step away from your computer, put down your phone and go outside. Go for a walk or do something active like swimming or yoga.


It’s ok to admit that you are not superwoman. Hire the best vendor team you can. A wedding planner can liaise with venues and suppliers so you don’t need to. A professional wedding photographer won’t need you to write a shot list because they’ll know exactly what shots need to be taken on a wedding day. Ask your friends and family to help with smaller tasks so that you can concentrate on the bigger ones.

Wishing you all a stress free wedding planning week!


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