5 Ways To Have A More Environmentally Friendly Wedding

If you love this wonderful world that we live in, and are keen to help protect it, there are many things you can do to help. Whilst it may not be possible to have a zero-impact wedding, there are some choices you can make that make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

Careful Venue Selection

The best way to save energy is to hold your wedding in an outdoor location. You won’t need to use as much electricity since you’ll have the light of the sun, and you shouldn’t need too much decoration as you’ll have the beautiful natural surroundings around you. Of course, outdoor weddings aren’t always possible. If you can find a venue that lets in a lot of natural light, you can still harness the power of the sunlight for a good number of hours on the day. Another way reduce your carbon footprint is to consider only choosing one venue instead of multiple locations, cutting out the need for guests and vendors to have to get in their cars and drive between venues.

Anna & Alex share a first kiss after their Chateau de Brametourte wedding by Wild Connections Photography

Green Wedding Favours

If you want to give your guests wedding favours, consider giving them something that actually helps make the world a better place. Small potted plants such as succulents make lovely favours, and can even double-up as place settings. Alternatively, wildflower seeds packets or bird seed favours give guests a lovely reminder of your day whilst helping them bring more nature into their lives after the wedding day.

Home made seed balls as wedding favours


Keep It Seasonal and Local

Using seasonal and local produce will help make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

Serving local and seasonal food at your reception doesn’t just help to create a wonderful wedding day experience for your guests. It reduces the number of miles the food has to travel, meaning it’ll not only be much fresher but it also supports local growers too.

And keeping your flower selections to locally sourced, seasonal flowers not only keeps your carbon footprint down, but it can also save you money compared to exotic blooms that need to be imported. You could even swap floral arrangements for potted plants, allowing them to have a life long after the wedding day is over.

A sunflower bouquet for a Chateau de Brametourte wedding by Wild Connections Photography

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you’ve seen that video on YouTube where a turtle has a plastic straw in its nose, you’ve probably become a lot more aware of how many times you’ve been given a straw in your drink since. And not just plastic drinking straws but all kinds of rubbish is thrown away in the process of a wedding day. Even from the early stages of planning, think about how much rubbish your choices might be creating. Some of the steps you could take are:

* Ask the caterers to use re-usable items where possible and swap plastic straws or cutlery for biodegradable ones.

* Find a venue that recycles its the majority of its rubbish

* Consider hiring props and and use vintage or upcycled decorations instead of buying new items

* Send paperless invitations and create a wedding website to give guests the important details

* Create signage using vintage mirrors or chalkboards instead of having printed materials

Wooden cutlery for home made cakes on a wooden bench by Wild Connections Photography

Conscious Confetti

Thankfully it’s becoming more popular to throw real flower petals and other forms of natural confetti such as levendar seeds instead of plastic confetti, rice or silk flowers which can be harmful to the environment. Another one to avoid is a balloon release, which can have devastating consequences to the local wildlife. To save any unwelcome surprises on your wedding day, let your guests know in advance in your invitations or on a wedding website about your wishes.

Natural confetti for Anna & Alex's Chateau de Brametourte wedding by Wild Connections Photography



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