Adventure Elopement Locations In Austria

For anyone who loves adventure and outdoor pursuits, the Austrian Alps could quite possibly be your dream adventure elopement location in Europe. Recently, I realised that I have found so many stunning spots that would be perfect adventure elopement locations in Austria. Having lived in the Tirol region for almost 10 years, and being a massive lover of the outdoors, I’m always exploring beautiful scenery. So I decided it was about time I shared these beautiful locations with couples looking to find somewhere breathtaking for their elopement or adventure session.

Adventure Elopement Locations In Austria

As a wedding & elopement photographer, sometimes I visit a location alone or with my husband Menno and I dream of returning there with two people who are madly in love to photograph them. These locations are usually a bit more off-the-grid than you average wedding location, but so many of them would be absolutely perfect for an adventure elopement or vow renewal. Picture hiking to a breathtaking location in the middle of nowhere and saying your vows to each other without another soul around, and then capturing breathtaking portraits surrounded by incredible nature.

So I’ve decided to compile a guide to my favourite locations around the Tirol region that would make ideal locations for adventurous couples looking to capture their love out in wild landscapes.

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Adventure elopement locations in Austria free guide by Wild Connections Photography

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