Artictic vs Realistic – Wedding Photography Styles Explained

You’ve probably read a whole bunch of posts about wedding photography styles if you’re planning a wedding and looking for a photographer.

The type of posts that try to explain the different styles of wedding photography in to categories, such as documentary, traditional, fine art, creative. While documentary photographers will mostly work in the background and give little direction, fine art photographers will aim to perfectly curate every detail and make sure everything looks fit for a magazine spread.

But the truth is, a lot of photographers don’t just fit in to one of these categories. They’ll cover more than one.

Let me explain.

For example, I would consider myself primarily a documentary photographer. Or reportage photographer as some people call it. That means I won’t be constantly telling you where to stand, when to laugh and what to do. Think of me more like a photojournalist. I buzz around in the background trying to let moments unfold naturally in front of me, telling the story as it is. Trying to go un-noticed as much as possible.

Villa Fontelunga Wedding

But during your ceremony I’ll usually be taking some fairly traditional shots too. Of course I love it when I can get creative, but most vicars and celebrants are too excited about the idea of a photographer climbing over the furniture to get a unusual angle!

Tirol Hochzeitsfotograf

I also want to create beautiful art works that will highlight your story, so sometimes I will ask you to stand in a particular spot. In these scenarios, I’m still not aiming for that perfectly curated photograph. I still want the moment and the emotions to be real, so I’ll just let you be you.

Garden Barn Suffolk Wedding

Whatever you want to call it, I like to think of my style as “Storytelling Photography”. Telling your love story in pictures. Real people and real moments.

When you’re choosing a photographer for your wedding, have a look through their portfolio and see if their style matches what you envision for your wedding photographs. After all, it’s your wedding photos that will remain once that cake is eaten and the dress comes off.



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