Behind The Scenes – My Life As A Wedding Photographer

Sometimes I get the pleasure of working with a second shooter, and at the last wedding this winter I had both my talented friend Lucy and also my wonderful husband Menno. I do love having a second shooter with me as it means I can offer a couple more than one perspective of their day. It also means that I often get a few behind the scenes shots of me working and doing my thing too.

Behind the scenes – A ski wedding in Mayrhofen Austria

In this last wedding I somehow also managed to get in quite a few of the shots and they make me smile. You’ll see an example of what I wear on a wedding day and perhaps understand a little bit more about how I approach wedding photography and the things that I do in order to get unique perspectives of the day that help to tell the bride and groom’s unique story.

So without further ado, here’s me, doing what I do on a wedding day: Lying on the floor, climbing on benches and skiing backwards whilst taking photos. It’s all in a day’s work for me as a wedding photographer. And I love every second of it!

Wedding Photographer lying on the floor photographing a wedding dress Photographer standing on a wall taking a picture Reflection on a camera in ski goggles Picture of wedding photographer Cat Ekkelboom-White taking a photograph Bride, groom and photographer walking with skis photographer lying in the snow as bride and groom ski past photographer skiing and photographing bride and groom on skis Wedding Photographer skiing backwards to photograph bride in Austria wedding photographer photographing couple in the snow bride reaching out towards wedding photographer Behind the scenes as photograph takes picture of bride and groom in the snow wedding photographer taking picture of bride and groom on a chairlift Wedding photographer taking group pictures outside the wedding venue


Want to see the blog post of this wedding with the real wedding pictures, not the ones that have me on them? You can find Bec & Dan’s Ski Wedding in Mayrhofen HERE



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