Brunch Weddings – A New Wedding Trend?

There’s been a new trend happening in the USA which I find really interesting. Brunch Weddings. An early morning ceremony followed by brunch and an afternoon free to relax and enjoy the start of married life.

It got me thinking how this format is really wonderful for quiet couples that want a quiet celebration with friends and family without the full-on stress of planning a big wedding that goes on in to the small hours of the night, or for couples on a tight budget.

So what are the advantages of a brunch wedding?

  • If you prefer early mornings to late nights then you don’t have to worry about wanting to leave the party early.
  • If you’re on a budget, guests won’t be expecting extravagant decorations at a brunch reception.
  • Who doesn’t love breakfast food?! Pancakes, waffles, eggs and sausages. Mmmmmmm
  • You can keep it casual. No need to feel the pressure of having to throw a black tie wedding if you’re more of a boho-hippie chick.
  • You can head off on your honeymoon straight after brunch. No need to wait.

Would you consider a brunch wedding? Or perhaps a day after brunch to say farewell to your guests.

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