How To Choose Your Destination Wedding Location

You’ve decided you want a destination wedding. GREAT! Now it’s time to find your perfect location.
Perhaps you already have your vision of the perfect destination wedding in mind. Or maybe all you’ve decided so far is that you want to get married somewhere away from home.
Even if you already have a particular country in mind, to help in the first stages of planning, try to think about what type of wedding you would like, for example:
– On a mountain
– At the ocean
– In a castle
– Amongst vineyards
– On a lake
Kronburg Austria Wedding Photographer
What Time Of Year Do We Want To Get Married?
Now it’s time to think about the seasons and the weather, and how that might affect your wedding plans. If your dream is to get married on a snowy mountain top, January to March are the best months in the northern hemisphere. If you’ve got your heart set on having portraits in the lavender fields in Provence, you’ll most likely be looking at July and August. Make sure you consider when the high tourism season is, if there is one. Your beautiful beach ceremony may not have the same feel to it if you’re surrounded by tourists.

Mountain Top Elopement in Austria

We Have A Shortlist. How Do We Narrow It Down?
The nest step is to narrow your search down to specific countries and areas. Taking the example of a mountain wedding, in Europe this could be in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Norway, Iceland, the list goes on. If you don’t already have a particular country in mind, now is the time to have a little look at a few different options. Consider how easy it is to reach each destination, and if there are regular flights and transport links. Think about your budget and research if some resorts are more expensive than others. Also remember to consider the overall vibe of the place. If you’re looking for inspiration, try visiting some wedding blogs and having a browse for inspiration.
Monte San Savino Wedding
Check Local Marriage Requirements
Before you make a final decision, check whether you can actually have a wedding ceremony in your preferred location and what the procedure is. If you’ve found your dream location but it’s not licensed for weddings it doesn’t mean you can’t book it. But you’ll have to consider having your legal ceremony elsewhere. However many couples are now choosing to sign their papers before they leave their home country, and having a completely personalised ceremony at the destination free from any stress of legalities.
Monte San Savino Wedding
And finally….
You’ve found the perfect venue. It fits exactly with you vision. Before you confirm anything, make sure you read through the contract and the small print and you are familiar with what they are providing and their payment and cancellation terms. Most venues will ask for a non-refundable deposit to fix the date
Questions You Need To Ask Your Venue Before You Book

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