Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Eloping

The idea of eloping might not be for everyone, but more and more couples these days are favouring elopements and intimate weddings over big lavish celebrations. If you’re not sure if it might be the right choice for you, here’s six reasons you should consider eloping:

It’s All About The Two Of You

Isn’t that what all weddings are about I hear you ask? Well, it should be, but sometimes between debating what flavour cake you should have or crafting a military-like strategy to avoid keeping your recently divorced Aunt and Uncle from any awkward situations can slightly take away from why everyone is there – to celebrate the union of two people in love. It’s also something couples consider when planning a wedding after the loss of a close family member, where a more traditional wedding at home only highlights the fact that a loved one is not there. When you elope, it’s all about you.

Bride and groom walking along a mountain path alone wrapped in a blanket after their Austrian elopement

It Takes Much Less Time To Plan

Elopements can be planned in much less time than a big wedding. There’s no need to spend months searching for a venue big enough to house and feed 100 wedding guests. If a little cove by the ocean takes your fancy, then BOOM!, you’ve found your location. You might have to sign the legal paperwork somewhere else, but once that’s done your free to find a location that lights your soul on fire.

Bride and groom walking along Cala Tarida beach in Ibiza

You Don’t Need To Think About A Guest List

No more spending hours organising seating plans so that each of your guests has someone that they know at their table, considering dietary requirements from your vegan, gluten free second cousin or trying to draw the line of which old university friends or work colleagues warrant an invite without offending anyone. Does the thought of ditching all the guests actually bring you a sense of relief? Perhaps eloping might be for you after all. You can always throw a big party when you get back and just invite everyone in your (and your parent’s) address books.

Couple walking away through long grass in Austria with mountain backdrop photo

You Can Save A Ton Of Cash

Weddings can be pretty expensive affairs. And while it’s not what a lot of couples talk about openly, budget plays a large role in a lot of the decisions that they make. As the guest list increases, so do the costs. Then there’s all of the things that you are *told* you need, like expensive floral decorations and hand-lettered calligraphy invitations, which of course are beautiful, but again, they’re not what weddings are really about. When you don’t have to feed 100 people, perhaps you can afford your dream dress or plane tickets to say your vows on a black beach in Iceland or BOTH! You can allocate your budget to the things that you value the most.

Iceland Black Beach Wedding Bride & Groom Walking along black beach in Iceland

You Don’t Need To Worry About Stage Fright

As any introvert knows, having all eyes on you can bring you more stress that enjoyment. If you dream of writing your own vows that express you deepest thoughts and feelings and sharing them in an intimate moment with just the person your marrying, then an intimate elopement ceremony is the perfect option.

Groom brushes tear from bride's face as they exchange vows in their mountain elopement in Austria


You Can Integrate It With An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Many couples dream of going on a great adventure for their honeymoon but usually don’t budget for this as part of their wedding costs. Menno and I got married in 2014 and like many couples, paid for most of the wedding ourselves. Our dream was to visit Madagascar for our honeymoon but after the wedding we didn’t have enough money or holiday days left so we had to rethink our plans. The money you save from not having a big wedding could go towards an planning the adventure of a lifetime.

Bride and groom embracing near a waterfall in Iceland

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