Destination Brides – Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did

When you have a destination wedding, sometimes it’s hard to shake the feeling that you need to take care of everybody all of the time. After all, they’ve all come this way for you right? So you feel like it’s up to you to make sure they are having a good time. 


On the night before our wedding I so desperately wanted to take care of the guests that had travelled thousands of miles to celebrate with us, that I organised a meet and greet at our apartment. I bought drinks and cooked some food. But the nice and relaxed evening with family and friends that I wanted turned in to me playing hostess and almost losing my nerve when by 9:30pm, when nobody would leave and I all wanted to do was clean up, have a bath and get a good night’s sleep. It put me in a really stressful headspace the night before the wedding, when all I really wanted to do was relax and enjoy the day.


On the day before your wedding it’s time to put yourself first and let your guests take care of themselves! Today should be about getting the final preparations sorted, then switching off and celebrating the start of your wedding. 


Together with destination wedding planner Kajsa Reisenbauer, we created a little inspiration shoot in a beautiful holiday apartment in the Austrian Tirol to help visualise these tips on how to relax and start preparing for your destination wedding in resort.


    1. Get the final details in order early
      The venue has final numbers, you’re guests have all arrived safely in resort and your best man and maid of honour have a copy of the running order and contact numbers for the wedding day. Apart from a few small details like preparing your vendor payments and making sure you have everything laid out ready, everything else should already have been taken care of.


    1. Switch Off
      Now is the time to stop planning and start relaxing and enjoying the start of your wedding. Give yourself and your guests a deadline, and let people know that after a certain time you’ll no longer be contactable by phone. If anyone needs anything urgently, make sure that they have the number of someone in the bridal party or the wedding planner who they can contact.


    1. Get Some Fresh Air
      Since you’ve travelled a long way to get married in a beautiful location, why not take a short walk or find a nice terrace to have a quiet drink with your closest friends and enjoy the magnificent scenery around you.


    1. Surround Yourself With Friends
      You might be away from home, but to help you relax, invite your bridesmaids over to start the celebrations. Cook dinner together or order a healthy take-away from a local restaurant.


    1. Get A Great Night’s Sleep
      You want to wake up feeling fresh and energised on your wedding day, so make sure that you go to bed early the night before. Start winding down early; turn all screens off, avoid alcohol or caffeine after 9pm, and run yourself a nice hot bath to help get your mind ready and body ready for some rest.
Kitzbuehel Austria Wedding
The Night Before7
The Night Before8
The Night Before9
The Night Before12
The Night Before13
The Night Before15
The Night Before16
The Night Before19
The Night Before20
The Night Before22
The Night Before25
The Night Before32
The Night Before33
The Night Before40

The Night Before42

The Night Before46
The Night Before37

The Night Before52
The Night Before53
The Night Before54
The Night Before56
The Night Before59
The Night Before58

Styling:           Weddings by Kajsa –
Photography: Wild Connections –
Florist:            Innenleben –
Venue:            Wilder Käser –
Clothing:        Insieme Clothing
Hair & Make-up: Intercoiffure POCK –
Stationary:     Emily Hamnett
Architecht: Kirchmair- alles wohnen


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