Dream Wedding Locations – A Wedding Photography Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? A list of places you’ve always wanted to travel to and things you’ve always wanted to do?

I do! And not only do I have a personal bucket list, but I also have a wedding photography bucket list.

I’ve already been so lucky to capture some amazing love stories across Europe, from mountaintops in Austria to the beach in Ibiza. But if you’ve seen my little film on my About Me page, you’ll know that I’m always hungry for the next adventure and to tell another love story in an incredible location.

So here are my top 5 wedding photography bucket list locations:

Dream Wedding Locations

1. Lapland

Wingrens Husky Safari dogs run through a frozen forest with the sun peeking low through the trees in Lapland by Wild Connections Photography

It’s no secret that I love winter and the snow. It’s one of the reasons why I moved to Austria. But having been once and already booked to go again, Lapland for me is the ultimate winter wonderland. I’ve visited Finnish Lapland, but the area known as Lapland actually spans across northern Norway, Finland, Sweden and also Russia.

From the month of February, the days start to get longer, but even the midday sun stays low in the ski, giving the gift of the most beautiful light, that makes this frozen world glisten. Combine that with the option of going on an incredible adventure such as dog sledding during the day or northern lights hunting at night makes it a destination you’ll always remember.


2. Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten at Sunset by Christian Bothner
Image via Northern Norway Tourist Board

Midnight sun in the summer and snow-capped peaks in the winter, Norway’s Lofoten Islands are definitely in the running for one of the most beautiful places on earth. Towering mountains fall down to the tranquil water of the fjords in this small cluster of Islands in northern Norway. And for the most unforgettble experience, you can stay on a traditional fisherman’s cabin on the water’s edge.


3. Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skype Landscape image via Pixabay.com

If it’s wild, rugged landscapes that you’re looking for, then the Isle of Skye in Scotland could be the perfect location for an adventure-filled elopement. Even when it rains, which can happen in the UK sometimes, this area on the west coast of Scotland still retains an air of majesty and wonder to it.


4. The Dolomites, Italy

View of the Tre Cime peaks in the Dolomites in Italy

There are mountains, and then there are the Dolomites.

This UNESCO world heritage site on the Italian Alps is home to some of most incredible alpine scenery. There are crystal clear turquoise mountain lakes and the most incredible jagged limestone peaks. And whilst some stunning locations, such as Lake Prags lie easily within reach of any traveller, the most stunning locations are well worth a hike to get to, and would be the most idyllic setting for any couple looking to combine their love of adventure with their wedding day.


5. Faroe Islands, Denmark

An image of a waterfall falling over a cliff on the Faroe Islands
Image via www.visitfaroeislands.com

If you’re inspired by the raw beauty of nature then you’ll love the Faroe Islands too. If your dream wedding involves insanely beautiful scenery but somewhere less touristy than Iceland, then this magnificent archipelago could be your dream wedding location.


Have I mentioned your dream wedding location above? If you are considering a destination wedding or intimate elopement in one of these incredible locations, then please contact me today to talk about your wedding photography. If you’re getting married on one of these bucket list locations, I want to make you a special offer for your wedding photography!

Contact me today to find out more


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Adventure Wedding Photography Bucket List Destinations Including Faroe Islands, Iceland and Lofoten Islands By Wild Connections Photography



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