How To Elope In Austria

I’ve been in love with Austria since I came over to work my first winter season in the Alps. I honestly believe it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and that’s why I chose to move here and get married here. If you are wondering how to elope in Austria, then hopefully this post will help you.

How To Elope In Austria

Let’s start by looking at the regulations for getting legally married in Austria.

Legal Marriages

In Austria the only option for a legally binding marriage is a civil ceremony. Civil ceremonies are conducted by a local Standesamt, which is usually a housed inside the local council. A civil ceremony in Austria is usually rather short and matter-of-fact. They are usually conducted in German at the local registry office, last around 20 minutes and aren’t usually open to a whole amount of personalisation. However, there are an increasing number of locations around Austria where they are offering more flexibility in location and personalisation.

Since January 2019, same-sex couples can legally marry in Austria, which is amazing news! And even more great news is that you don’t need to be Austrian, or resident in Austria to get married here. You just need to submit the required paperwork to the local standesamt in the district where you want to get married before your appointment.

Elopement Ceremonies

Fewer and fewer couples are choosing to have the standesamt civil ceremony in Austria on the same day as their elopement. More couples are choosing to sign the legal paperwork in their home country before travelling to Austria or having the standesamt ceremony the day before.

Going down this route means that you are free to plan your elopement day exactly as you want, without the restrictions of all the legal stuff. With the boring, legal bit taken care of, the day is free for you to have the best adventure of your lives. If your dream is to hike up a mountain, have a picnic by an alpine lake and say your vows to one another at sunset, you can absolutely do that!

You could choose to have a celebrant conduct a ceremony for you in your chosen location, bring your closest friends and family to officiate, or plan a private vow reading with just the two of you. The beauty is that possibilities are endless.

Planning Your Day

You’re eloping, which means you aren’t bound by family traditions or age-old superstitions. If you could picture the best day ever what would you do? Where would you go? What would you see and what would you eat? Image the best adventure you’ve ever had combined with getting married to your soulmate. Doesn’t that sound pretty perfect to you?

Time Of Year

If you love adventure, Austria is just as incredible in winter as it is in the summer. For skiing elopements and weddings in the snow, January to April are the best months to come. Sometimes there is snow from November already, but unfortunately the seasons are getting more unpredictable. If you’re looking to hike for your elopement then June to October are perfect. The snow is usually melted from most of the hiking trails and many of the mountains huts are open for visitors.


Natalie & Scott embrace at the Schwarzsee in Kitzbühel to elope in Austria by Wild ConnectionsPhotography

Is It Your Dream To Elope In Austria?

As a local expert, I’ve helped a number of couples plan their perfect adventure in the Austrian Alps.
If you’re interested in eloping in Austria and want some inspiration, you can download my free Austria Elopement Inspiration Guide Here.

And if you are ready to say YES to your elopement in Austria, contact me today and let’s start planning your adventure!


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