Epic Elopement Inspiration For Adventurous Couples

I love reading stories about couples who chose to do things differently for their wedding day. Gone are the days when eloping meant running away to get married in secret. Instead, they are about couples choosing to celebrate one of the most meaningful days of their entire lives by doing something out of the ordinary, or by doing something that reflects their true passions. That’s the beauty about eloping. It can be anything you want it to be. I’ve put together this epic elopement inspiration for adventurous couples who love the outdoors, so you can start dreaming about your perfect wedding day.

Epic Elopement Inspiration

Epic elopement inspiration in Iceland

Helicopter Elopements

Helicopter elopements are becoming increasingly popular in North America and New Zealand, where you can fly to a remote location to say your vows with literally nobody else around. I haven’t seen many people do this in the European Alps yet but it would definitely be an unforgettable way to spend you wedding day!

SARAH & DAVID || ELOPEMENT WEDDING HIGHLIGHT from EastoWest Productions on Vimeo.


Climbing Elopements

If climbing is a big part of your life, why not make it a part of your wedding day?


Slackline / Highline Wedding

This wedding in pure insanity and I love it! Not only do the couple highline to their ceremony but they leave it by bungee!


Hiking Elopement

If you want to do something unforgettable but keep your feet firmly on the ground, a hiking elopement can be simply magical.

evan and christine 2018 elopement video from Whitney Milton Films on Vimeo.


If you’re dreaming of eloping in Europe and want to chat about adventure elopements, then please do drop me a message. Whilst I mainly work across the Austrian Alps and the Dolomites, I also cover weddings further afield.

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