My Story: European Adventure Wedding Photographer

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I’m Cat

The picture below is of me and Menno and we’re being goofy as usual.

My surname is utterly ridiculous and far too long.

I’m an ex ski-bum seasonaire turned adventure wedding photographer in Austria & across Europe.

Born and raised in Suffolk in the UK, I went to university, got a good job, and followed the path I thought I was supposed to be on, only to find out the life I was living was not making me happy. On a bit of a whim, I applied for a job in Austria as a chalet girl for a winter season, packed my bags and left. Not wanting to return, I decided to become a snowboard and ski instructor and This journey led me around the globe, flying from winter to winter working as a ski instructor. In 2011 I met my husband Menno in Mayrhofen in Austria, and we decided to make a home in the mountains with our two naughty house rabbits Fozzy and Bella.

Austria wedding photographer Cat & her husband MennoCat and Menno's rabbits playing in the snow in Austria


My Bucket List

Trekking on horseback, skiing on every continent, see a wild polar bear, see the northern lights, experience midnight sun, dog sledding, driving route 66, trekking in Patagonia, skiing powder in Japan, visit the Antarctic, be published in National Geographic, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, visit Everest base camp, watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon, shoot your wedding!

Husky Safari in Lapland by destination wedding photographer Cat

My Dream Destinations

Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Lapland, Scotland, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Iceland, Finland, Colorado, Utah, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Australia, Cappadocia, Rocky Mountains, Myanmar, Yellowstone, New Foundland, Montana

Austrian Wedding Photographer Cat Ekkelboom-White in her free time


Let’s Connect!

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