Why You Shouldn’t Get A Tan For Your Wedding

Before I start, this isn’t a cautionary tale of woe. This year my bride’s have absolutely nailed it! There’s not been a bridezilla in sight! But with all the pressure on brides these days, sometimes it’s hard to know what is the best choice to make. One of the biggest should I, shouldn’t I questions going around when the bridal beauty regime is talked about is whether or not to get tanned for you wedding.St Ives Wedding Cornwall

I’m a real believer in natural beauty. If you’re fair skinned and freckled, it’s probably one of the things your other half loves about you. Why would you want to look like someone else? I know everyone has a different view of their own body so of course it’s completely up to you and however you will feel the most beautiful.

But as I photographer, I can honestly say that I prefer to shoot your natural skin colour and here’s why:

  • Consider the skin tones of the groom and the rest of the bridal party. If the groom or the bridesmaids are relatively pale skinned, it is quite possible that they will look paler or you’ll end up looking a lot darker in comparison. And on the other end of the scale, if you have naturally very contrasting skin tones, embrace it. You want to look like yourselves in your wedding photographs.
  • Fake tan can rub off when you’re under pressure and sweating and leave not so desirable marks on your dress.
  • A natural tan is best but then you’ve got to think about strap marks and the damage that the UV light does to your skin.
  • As a photographer, it’s much easier (and the final result is much more flattering) to give you skin an extra “glow boost” during the editing process than to try and reduce the amount of tanning.
  • Indoor lighting can sometimes be quite quite harsh and yellow which makes your skin change colour even more. The most flattering way to correct that is to convert the images to black and white.

Like I said before, my brides this year absolutely nailed it. Just look at how frickin’ gorgeous they all look:

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