My Life As A Photographer – The Ugly Truth

I feel like it’s time to put the record straight.


Perhaps it is just that time of year, but I have a lot of photographer friends who are going through a crisis of confidence about now because online it seems that every other photographer’s business is going better than theirs.


But this post isn’t just for them.


This is for anyone who has ever felt like their life/wedding/holiday/business is just not glamorous/exciting/fashionable/successful enough.


Social media is a platform for everyone can share their daily highlight roll. And now matter how hard you try, you can’t help but be drawn in to a state of comparison and competition. Each post trying to better the next one.


And I’m absolutely no different. I love sharing my latest work and my weekend’s adventures with Menno. But in reality, most of my days look nothing like my “online life”. Here’s what you don’t see:


I work 40 hours, 5 days a week in a hotel, with a mix of early and late shifts, meaning that for many days of the week I don’t get to eat dinner or spend the evening with my husband. My days off are often used for shooting weddings, meaning more time away from home.


Being a wedding photographer doesn’t mean I turn up and shoot a wedding and then my job is done. Of course there’s also all of the time I need to spend editing the photos, keeping my website up to date, answering emails, blogging regularly and of course still having time to wash my clothes, feed myself, clean out the rabbits, tidy the apartment etc etc etc. Then of course there is the constant worrying whether or not I’m going to get any bookings for the next year. I’ve only got a couple of 2017 bookings at the moment and of course it makes me nervous. I need to find ways to get myself out there in front of more couples.


And being completely honest, some days it is exhausting and bordering on soul destroying. I get up, work from home on my business, go to my job in the hotel, come home, sleep and repeat. When I am at home, I’m usually sitting at a messy desk with unbrushed hair just trying to get stuff done.


But despite all this, I love my life and my business.


I love it when a couple invites me in to their family for a day so that I can capture one of the most important moments of their lives for them.


And I love my husband and I make a promise each week to spend time with him, without any distractions of work, because he is my world, and no amount of success or all of the money in the world could be more important than my life with him.


I will continue to show up every day and continue to work my ass off. Two years ago I was a newly wed with a distant dream of becoming a wedding photographer. Hopefully in another two years I’ll be able to stop working in the hotel and concentrate my time fully on my business and my adventures with my husband.
So whatever your struggles are, please know that you are not alone. Let’s be honest with each other. Let’s stop comparing our lives to what we see online.



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