Should We Have Group Photos At Our Wedding?

I’m going to be totally honest with you. Group photos rarely make it in to wedding albums or get printed for on the wall by couples. But does that mean you should just not bother with them?


Absolutely not! Group photos are definitely something I would recommend, even if it’s just one or two. Even though you yourselves might not be too excited about taking the time out from celebrating to round everyone up for these photos, it’s likely that your parents and grandparents will cherish these more formal photos.


Of course this does mean that you’ll need to plan time in to your schedule to make this happen. Each group photo can take up to 5 minutes to arrange and shoot, so it’s really important to have a list of each group shot that you would like, along with the names of the people included. I’ll also be super grateful if a member of the wedding party who knows most of the people involved, such as a groomsman or bridesmaid, is on hand to shout out names and get people ready for the next photo. That way we can get through them quicker without too much standing around and waiting. I will always ask in the pre-wedding questionnare about group photos so that not only can we plan the right amount of time for them in advance, but also to give you chance to tell me about any sensitive family situations that I might need to know about.


These “group formals” don’t even have to be that formal, as you can see from a few below:
Group photo of the bride and her girlfriends
The bride and her bridesmaids sitting on a bench The groom and ushers leaning against a wooden doorThe bride and groom with their witnesses walking



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