How To Choose The Right Wedding Suppliers

I sat in the black leather chair as she ran her hands through my hair. We made the uncomfortable small talk for a few minutes before she got right to it.

“So what are we doing today?” She asked.

I showed her some pictures and tried to describe what I wanted as she smiled and nodded along.

As she went in with the scissors and cut the first piece, I realised it was too late. This was much shorter than I wanted. Perhaps I’d explained it wrongly in my slightly broken German. Now, whatever the result, I’d have to live with it!

Although disastrous, thankfully this was just an every day haircut. I didn’t have anything particularly special coming up, but it didn’t exactly make me feel great about myself.

When you are getting married away from home, finding the right vendors can prove to be a real challenge. Finding people that you feel you can trust, will understand you and share your vision is more difficult when you can’t meet them in person or have a trial run in advance.

When you work with a wedding planner, they will often suggest their most trusted suppliers to you, and should be able to show you previous examples of their work. But if you’re doing the planning by yourself, it can become much more overwhelming. Whether it’s because of language barriers or simply not knowing who to trust, finding the right people can cause a lot of stress.
Here are a few ideas that can help in your search:
  1. Ask Your Main Suppliers
    If you’ve booked a photographer, wedding planner or your venue, it is quite likely that they will have a few trusted colleagues that they have worked with before that they can recommend. Some venues and planners even have a preferred supplier list. Bust beware here, whilst this is a great starting point, do bare in mind that some venues allow anyone to be on their supplier list for a fee. It doesn’t always mean they have worked with them personally.
  2. The Right Kind of Google Search
    When you google for example “Wedding Photographer Iceland”, google will trawl websites and list often thousands of results. And whilst you may find what you are looking for right at the top, the chances are, you’ll just get bombarded with lots of suggestions that are not what you want. Try instead of searching for previous weddings at your venue or town, for example “Budir Wedding Iceland”. This is likely to bring up plenty of posts and images of previous events at your very location, so you can see who was involved in creating the wedding. Also search on wedding blogs for past weddings in the same area as yours.
  3. Join Facebook Groups or Forums
    You might be surprised how many groups there are on Facebook set up to provide a forum for people all getting married in a particular location, where past and future brides can look for information and advice, from people that have been there and done it. Many wedding blogs also have forums linked to them that provide a platform for people to ask questions in the community.


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