Tips For Stress Free Destination Wedding Planning

Planning any wedding can be stressful for many people but planning a destination wedding can be even worse. You’re kept awake at night with to-do lists running through your head, bombarded with emails and facebook messages from your guests wanting to know more information, and you’re bouncing back and forth attempting to liaise with suppliers in a different country.
Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of everything:

1. Treat yourself to a beautiful new notebook dedicated to wedding planning.

Every time you pick up your notebook you’ll be filled with excitement for your big day.

2. Find great suppliers and let them take a load off your back.

Most well-established suppliers will have great contacts who they have worked with before. Why spend hours searching for a florist online when your wedding planner or photographer may be able to recommend some to you.

3. Write a long “to-do” list, and set deadlines for each category.

Not only is it great to just write everything down so it’s not floating around in your head, having a list, with deadlines let’s you see what you’ve still got to do, and how long you have to do it so that you can prioritize your jobs efficiently. Even better, set yourself a weekly task or focus, so that you’re not getting distracted by how much you have to do.

4. Delegate.

If you aren’t hiring a wedding planner, take up any offers for help from others. You might want to be superwoman and try to organise everything alone, but when the going gets tough, you’ll be grateful of the extra support.

5. Ask for help.

There are so many great blogs and groups on facebook. Instead of spending hours searching for answers, why not find a platform where you can ask your questions and others can answer it for you?


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