How To Use Pinterest For Wedding Planning

I have a love and hate relationship with Pinterest. It started when I was planning my own wedding. There are so many absolutely wonderful ideas and beautiful images, how could you not be inspired!But Pinterest can also be a big cause for frustration. So today we’re looking at how to use Pinterest for wedding planning.
Here are my top tips on how to make Pinterest work for you:

Define What It Is You Want

When you first start planning your wedding, pin away to your heart’s content. Set up different boards, dedicated to different things, like the dress, the flowers, the decorations. Let your imagination run wild. Then take a step away from the computer and turn Pinterest off. Take a piece of paper (or buy yourself a lovely notebook just for wedding planning) and write out your vision; the overall style you want, if you want a theme or colour scheme to your day, what time of year are you getting married, in what country, what sort of location are you looking for. This will help you to start to narrow down your choices. Go back to your boards and start removing pins that don’t match your vision. There’s no point in having that peony bouquet if you’re having a wedding in August (unless you’re prepared to pay for your flowers to be imported in especially), or those art-deco themed table decorations when you know you’re planning a rustic barn wedding. By removing the pins that no longer fit with your theme, you’re helping to narrow down your options and create a clear vision of what you want.


Let Your Choices Help You Find The Right Vendors

Before you confirm your main vendors (the venue, a wedding planner or stylist and your photographer), make sure you’ve done step one and thought about your vision for your wedding. Look for vendors who’s previous work fits with this vision. If you’ve pinned endless pictures of rustic venues, look for a location and wedding planner that fit this style. If you book someone who mostly works in ballrooms and grand venues, but you want rustic boho chic, you’re probably not going to have the same vision. If you’ve pinned lots of photographs that are light and airy, and are taken outdoors during the daytime, you’ll probably want to look for a photographer that shoots with natural light, or maybe even shoots film. If you’ve got more dramatic shots, including some night ones, you’re probably looking for a photographer that is experienced in off-camera flash techniques.


Is It Realistic?

Whilst you’ve been pinning beautiful images to give you a feel for how you see your own wedding, it’s important to be realistic with what you keep in your final selections. Many of the stunning images you see on Pinterest are from big budget styled shoots or magazine editorials, where the sky was the limit in terms of what was possible, and no expenses are spared to get everything perfect. Even if your budget is unlimited, also bear in mind the time of year and the location of your chosen pins. Even the time of day can be a big contributing factor. Many of the bride and groom portraits you see on Pinterest are taken at golden hour, that beautiful time before sunset. If you’ve scheduled your photo session at mid-day, it doesn’t mean you won’t get beautiful images, but you may not get that golden glow that you wanted.


Once you have curated a beautiful selection of wedding day inspiration on Pinterest, of course, you can share your narrowed down selections with your vendors, especially if you are having a destination wedding and you are worried about the language barrier and your ideas getting lost in translation. I’ve you’ve chosen the right vendors for your day, and you are clear on your vision, they are able to create you something magical. It won’t be a replica of someone else’s wedding. It will be even better. It will be YOUR own unique wedding day!
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