In Loving Memory

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve been a little quiet recently. Usually I’m completely up to date with blogging and social media posts, but the last month has been quite a rollercoaster.

Wedding season is still in full swing for me, with a wedding every weekend until mid-October. But there’s also been a lot happening behind closed doors.

In the past few¬†weeks by mine and Menno’s family have lost people very dear to us. Menno’s wonderful Oma Guusje passed away followed by my Uncle George.

At these times of loss, it brings families together and we start telling each other stories. We recall our fondest memories with those whom we have lost, and we laugh about the disagreements we may have had.

It’s times like this that I realise how powerful photography is. It is the pictures that we have of the people we love of them at their most vibrant that keep their souls alive in our hearts, even after they can no longer be with us.

Photo by Lukas Puts
Photo by Lukas Puts


Image by Gavin King
Image by Gavin King



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