Ibiza Engagement Shoot – Jessica & Mario

Picture the scene: A beautiful woman dances on stage with a see of hundreds of faces looking up at her. One night she catches sight of a boy in the crowd, their eyes met, and time stands still. It sounds like a scene out of a Holywood movie. Except this isn’t a scene from a movie. It’s how Jessica and Mario first met on the island of Ibiza.

Mario was living and working in Madrid, while Jessica was running a dance school on the island, so for the first year of their relationship they had to try and make it work long distance, with Mario flying over on his weekends to see Jessica. After a year, Mario decided that he wanted to be with Jessica, and moved to the Ibiza to be with her. In April 2017 they went on a romantic weekend break to Venice for Mario’s birthday, where he surprised Jessica with a ring.

An Ibiza Engagement Shoot

I caught up with this gorgeous couple on Ibiza to capture their love in an early morning engagement session at one of their favourite beaches on the island.

Jessica and Mario walking along Cala Comte beach in Ibiza Mario holding Jessica as she wraps her legs around him, standing on the shore of the beach Jessica puts her arms around Mario and kisses him on the beach Mario lifts Jessica as she kisses him Mario and Jessica looking out to see during their Ibiza beach engagement session Close up of Jessica and Mario embracing Mario kisses Jessica's forehead as she smiles Mario and Jessica kisses as she puts her arms around his neck Mario and Jessica run up the beach Close up of Jessica's engagement ring as she embraces MarioA soft focus image of Jessica and Mario embracing and looking at each other smiling A close up picture of Mario taking Jessica's hand Jessica smiling with the ocean in the background Mario taking Jessica's hand and smiling Mario walks in to the water and picks Jessica up Mario and Jessica kiss as he holds her whilst standing knee deep in the sea Close up of Mario and Jessica kissing Close up of Jessica's engagement ring Jessica embraces Mario with focus on her engagement ring Jessica and Mario holding hands, walking in to the ocean together Jessica and Mario embrace and kiss whilst standing waist deep in the water Close up of Jessica smiling as Mario tries to kiss her Ibiza Elopement couple walk through the water hand in hand smiling Close up picture of Jessica and Mario holding hands while they are standing in the water Jessica walking through the water to Mario Jessica and Mario standing in the water facing each other Close up of Jessica and Mario holding hands above the water Ibiza Beach Elopement Cala Comte Jessica and Mario sitting in the sand embracing Mario sitting on the beach in the water with Jessica straddling him with her arms around him Jessica and Mario sitting in the water as the waves come in Mario and Jessica sitting facing each other in the water on Cala Comte beach in Ibiza Mario and Jessica hugging waist deep in the ocean Ibiza beach engagement shoot with Mario and Jessica standing wait deep in the ocean Names carved in to sand stone rock in Ibiza Jessica and Mario kissing by the rocks Mario looking lovingly at Jessica by the rocks on Cala Comte beach in Ibiza Jessica leaning against Mario during their Ibiza Engagement Session Mario and Jessica looking at each other and smiling as he holds her hand Jessica leans against Mario and kisses him by the rocks Close up of Jessica kissing Mario with bright sun flare behind them Mario dips Jessica as she kisses him Jessica and Mario holding hands and walking Jessica dancing as Mario smiles at her Jessica and Mario flamenco dancing at the beach Jessica and Mario's shadows on the ground as they come in for a kiss Close up of Jessica's engagement ring as they hold hands Close up of Jessica's engagement ring as she leans in to kiss Mario Close up of Jessica's engagement ring as she looks at Mario smilingJessica leads Mario by the hand towards the beach

Close up of their hands as Jessica leads Mario towards the ocean


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