Postcards From Ibiza

You might have seen a lot of posts about Ibiza on here recently. Well that’s because I was there a couple of weeks ago shooting a destination wedding in Ibiza for the lovely Robyn & Terry.

Even though it was only a flying visit to the island, Menno came with me and we managed to do a little bit of exploring while we were there. The coastline around the island is absolutely breathtaking, with high, dramatic sandstone cliffs which drop suddenly down to the turquoise blue calm waters below. They even let us hire a scooter, even though they advised us it wasn’t a great idea since neither of us had driven one before, and we spend an afternoon driving around and exploring the coastline. By the end I think I was probably a scooter master – as long as I didn’t have to stop at too many junctions. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t even let Menno drive, so he spend the afternoon hanging on for dear life on the back.

For anyone thinking about visiting Ibiza, I definitely recommend hiring a car (or a scooter if you are brave) and explore the island. If you’re willing to search a little away from the main beaches, you’ll find some quiet, secluded beaches. We even found a little cove that we had completely to ourselves on our last afternoon on the island.

Having never really considered visiting Ibiza before, I absolutely loved my time on this small island in the Balearics. I was absolutely blown away by the chilled out vibes of Cala Tarida and the stunning beauty of the coastline, and I hope to return to Ibiza again in the future to explore more of the island’s old towns and secret beaches.


Man walking on headland in Ibiza View from cliff down to ocean at Cala Tarida Ibiza Photo of Cala Tarida beach in Ibiza from headland Photo of old dead tree on cliff Old dead tree on cliff photo Stacked stones by the beach in Ibiza Stony cove in Ibiza with stacked rocks Boats moored at Cala Tarida beach in the distance with stacked rocks in the foreground Man sitting on rock on the shore looking out at the ocean View from a rock out to the ocean at Cala Tarida beach Man looking to the left with ocean behind Man standing on a beach with seagull flying overhead Man standing on rocks on the beach at sunset in Ibiza Hand-drawn map on cardboard box Walking through trees View from cliffs out to rocky islands by Ibiza Wedding Photographer Rocky cliffs and off-shore islands in Ibiza Man sitting and looking out towards ocean photo Photo of man sitting on cliff with blue ocean in background Ibiza Wedding Photographer Cat Ekkelboom-White standing on cliff in Ibiza Ibiza coastline photo Round fortress tower in Ibiza Round stone watchtower in Ibiza Photo of Ibiza coastline with white cliffs and turquoise water Photo of Ibiza coastline with white cliffs and turquoise water Man walking around stone tower on Ibiza clifftop Ibiza Clifftop with ocean below Ibiza coastline with white cliffs and turquoise water photo Photo of Ibiza coastline with white cliffs and turquoise water in the fog Ibiza Cliffs in the fog Stone watchtower with foggy islands in the background Girl on Scooter Girl on scooter on dirt road Woman smiling on scooter on dirt road in Ibiza Woman on scooter driving away Man floating on back in cove in Ibiza


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