Negotiating Wedding Planning As An Introvert

If hearing the following phrases keeps you awake at night, you’re probably an introvert like me:

“Meet and Greet”                “Networking Lunch”            “Stand Up And Introduce Yourself”

So planning a wedding can seem like the most counter-intuitive thing. A big celebration with lots of people where you are expected to stand up in front of everyone, profess your inner-most emotions to the person you usually only share them in private and dance on an empty dance floor with all eyes on you. Umm, I’m having cold sweats already!

But it doesn’t need to be a big extravagant occasion that keeps you awake at night for the months leading up to the big day. Here’s the thing. The only thing you need to have at the wedding is the two of you getting married. After that, you are free to plan it how you want and I’ve got a few suggestions of how you can not only survive, but enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Planning As An Introvert

Keep It Small

I’ll get this obvious one out there first. If you don’t like standing up in front of lots of people, then don’t invite lots of people. Keep it to your closest friends and family, and if even that is too much, perhaps consider eloping and holding a celebration once you return if you don’t want people to feel left out.

If the above just isn’t possible for whatever reason then here’s some other things that can help ease the overwhelm:

Hire A Wedding Planner / On The Day Co-Ordinator

Having someone there to do all of the organising and giving people their orders on the wedding day can really help to reduce your stress. You don’t need to worry about rounding people up when it’s time for dinner or the group photos. You’ve got someone else to do that for you.

Have A First Look Or Private Vow Reading Before The Main Ceremony

Starting the day with a private moment together gives you chance to share the first, most emotional part of the day with each without an audience.

Organise Activities To Keep People Busy

It doesn’t need to be much, but having a few activities like garden games or a photo booth means that your guests have things to do and aren’t always competing for your attention.

Skip The Bridal Party And Get Ready With Your Future Spouse

If being surrounded by people and having them fuss over you is too overwhelming, why not get ready together. It might not be the traditional thing to do, but it if helps to keep you calm, does it really matter.

Keep The Day After For Just The Two Of You

Whether you’re an introvert or not, it’s really important to have some protected newly-wed alone time to let it all sink in. On the wedding day itself the adrenaline usually keeps you going but the next day you’ll probably need to time to re-charge.

What other tips and tricks do you have for couples worried about being the centre of attention? Please do share them in the comments below.



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