How To Keep Your Destination Wedding Guests Happy

Planning a destination wedding can be really exciting. Making sure that you keep your friends and family informed throughout the planning stages means you’ll have a lot less to deal with in the last few weeks before your wedding.

The chances are your guests will not be as familiar with your chosen location as you are, so it’s up to you to give them as much information as you can about the wedding in advance so that they can have a great time too.

Here are my top tips of things to do to keep your guests happy when planning a destination wedding:

1. Send out “Save the Dates”
As soon as you’ve decided on a date and a location, send out save the date cards or e-cards. Many people may need to plan their annual holidays around the wedding if it means taking more than a weekend off work.

2. Create a wedding website
Ignore anyone that disses wedding websites. They are a great help when planning a destination wedding. You can include information on the area, how to get there, hotel recommendations, weather forecasts and all sorts of other bits of information that you think you’re guests will find useful.

3. Create a little information pack with your invites
Not everyone may have access to the internet (although even my Grandmother is on Facebook these days), so having a small information pack with your invites is also a great way to win over your guests.

4. Arrange a group activity “in resort”.
If time allows, try to arrange a group get-together once everyone arrives at the destination. It doesn’t need to be a traditional rehearsal dinner. It could be anything you like. For our wedding, we arranged for everyone to take a trip to the bobsled track. Those that didn’t take part were there cheering the rest of us on and seeing who went the fastest. It’s not only a great way to introduce everyone to each other before the wedding day, it allows them the chance to arrange other group activities amongst themselves, so that you can take a step back and relax before the wedding.

5. Keep track of everyone’s movements
By this, I mean having a list or spreadsheet with everyone’s arrival and departure dates, contact details and hotel information allows you to keep an overview on when your guests will be arriving and where they are staying. You could give everyone a copy of this information so that they don’t need to bother you when they want to contact each other. Appointing someone not in the bridal party as a main point of contact can also help making your guests feel taken care of without causing more stress for you.

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