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Being a Lago di Braies photographer is quite possibly the best job in the whole world ever! It was visiting Lago Di Braies is what made me first fall in love with the Dolomites. Can you believe I had lived less than 2-hours away from this stunning place for 8 years before I first discovered it. Although once I did, I was OBSESSED! I’ve since been back and seen it in every season, and it really is an enchanting place.

As an elopement photographer specialising in elopements in the Dolomites in Italy and the Austrian Tirol, I’m not just here to capture a few photographs of your adventure. I spend so much of my free time exploring the Dolomites, and I’ve compiled an amazing list of locations that are perfect for intimate elopements and couple shoots across the area. I’m here to help you plan your adventure in the Dolomites and have a day that’s going to be EPIC!

Fun Fact: Lago di Braies is in the South Tyrol region of Italy. Because this area used to be a part of Austria, it’s bilingual, which means that everything has two names, and people speak both Italian and German. So if you haven’t heard of Lago Di Braies but you have heard about the Pragser Wildsee, they are actually the same place! And while I don’t speak Italian, I do speak German, so I like to try and blend in with the locals when ever I’m there 😉

How To Get There & When To Visit

Despite being in Italy, the closest airport to Lago di Braies / Pragser Wildsee is actually Innsbruck airport in Austria, which is a 2-hour drive. Although there is some public transport, getting around in the Dolomites is easiest with a car if you want to be able to explore more of the Dolomites, which is a pretty vast and varied region.


During the winter months Lago di Braies freezes over and becomes covered in snow, which usually lasts until April/May. By June most of the snow is usually gone, the trails become clear again and the beautiful spring flowers start to bloom. If it’s your dream to see the beautiful turquoise waters of Lago di Braies, I definitely recommend coming between June and October.

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Who Am I?

My name is Cat and I’m an adventure wedding and elopement photographer covering the Austrian Alps and the Dolomites. Based in Innsbruck in Austria, I’m just on the Italian border. My free time is spent hiking and exploring in the mountains, seeking out the best un-discovered locations for the perfect elopement in the Alps.

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