Lapland Elopement Photographer

Are you planning a pre-wedding, elopement, destination wedding or honeymoon shoot in Lapland?
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Lapland Elopement Photographer

It’s a not so secret dream of mine to buy a cabin in the woods in Lapland. I love the beautiful forests, the stunning lakes and the frozen winter wonderland that is Lapland in winter. I’ve been to Lapland twice now and I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by its natural beauty and amazing adventure opportunities. I mean it has dog sledding and the northern lights. How much more perfect could it get, right? And not forgetting the beautiful golden arctic light that falls during the daytime in winter.

Wingrens Husky Safari Lapland Picture across a frozen lake toward Levi ski resort in Finland by Wild Connections Photography Aurora Borealis Ski Tour Levi Lapland

About Me

My name is Cat and I’m an adventurer, a photographer, a wife and a storyteller. My happy place is out in the wild, surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery. I believe life is at it’s best when you’re exploring wild places and connecting with like-minded people who share a love of this incredible planet.

I first visited Lapland for the first time in 2017 and I absolutely fell in love with it. I much prefer winter to summer, and to quote a famous Disney movie, “the cold never bothered me anyway”.

Faroe Islands Wedding Photographer Cat Ekkelboom-White from Wild Connections Photography in the Faroe Islands in WinterA photo of adventure wedding photographer Cat Ekkelboom-White in the Dolomites in Winter

About You

You’re looking to have the adventure of a lifetime. You love nature and spending time outdoors exploring wild landscapes. You are excited to search for wild locations and to capture incredible memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. And you’re not put off by having to hike a little to get there.

We’ll be a great fit if you’re looking for someone to tell your whole adventure story in a chilled-out way, who is also experienced in working in outdoor environments and challenging weather conditions.

Lapland Elopement Photographer Wild Connections Photography

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