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Continuing with the ongoing theme of adventure weddings, today I’d like to share with you some of my top recommendations for adventure wedding planners.

This handpicked list of planners knows what it means to have an adventure wedding. They understand that you’re not looking for the average “cookie-cutter wedding” but rather an experience you’ll never forget.

Adventure Wedding Planners

Amulet Events

Based in: UK
Covers: Iceland, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland & Slovenia
Nadia’s love of travel and beautiful landscapes combined with her incredible attention to detail makes her a great choice if you’re looking to plan an intimate wedding or elopement with a touch of luxury in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. She takes care of every aspect of planning your great adventure so that you can relax knowing it’s going to be unforgettable. Her expert knowledge of Iceland especially makes her a go-to UK based planner for Icelandic weddings and elopements.


Haute Wedding

Based in: France
Covers: French Alps & South of France
The girls from Haute Weddings make up an international team based in France, specializing in planning destination weddings for international couples. They focus on two specific regions of France and use their expert local knowledge of these destinations to plan bespoke ceremonies with couples from around the globe. Some of their adventure weddings in the French Alps have included skiing, climbing and paragliding, so if you’re looking for adrenaline and stunning scenery for your wedding or elopement, these girls can make it happen.


Waterlily Weddings

Based in: Ireland
Covers: Ireland
Every wedding that the Waterlily team plans is¬†bespoke yet full of Irish charm. From ancient castles to towering cliffs, they know how to create a bespoke Irish wedding experience. You only need to glace at some of the Irish elopements on their blog and you’re transported to another world.



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