The Marketing Strategy Everybody Uses

Whether you’re getting married, know somebody who is or you’re working in the wedding industry, it doesn’t take long to see that the market is pretty crowded. There are thousands of people out there, all trying to get their work noticed.

And every day in Facebook groups I see new people starting their journeys. Looking for ways to get their business out there in front of the world and showcase their talents.

Just like me.

One of the most popular ways for creatives in the industry to get together and showcase their work is by doing styled shoots. You’ve probably seen them before. Wedding blogs are absolutely full of them these days. And a large number of the images you’ll find on Pinterest are too.

The bride's shoes and dress on display in the honeymoon suite at the Chateau de Brametourte by Wild Connections Photography

So why am I not doing styled shoots too?

It’s quite simple really. I’ve built Wild Connections Photography up from nothing and the way I approach weddings is very much like how I see the world:

I believe in people.

In meaningful connections.

I believe emotions.

And in embracing the beauty of the world that we live in.

Marketing experts tell you that by doing styled shoots, you are putting out into the world the sort of thing that you want to do and the sort of weddings that you want to shoot. And I think that for planners, florists, stationers, cake designers and other vendors, styled shoots are a great way of showcasing their talents. I’m happy to be involved in them. But you won’t find them on my blog.

Styled shoots recreate a perfect wedding scenario. But what you see in a styled shoot is not what a perfect wedding looks like to me. Styled shoots are about the details.

A perfect wedding only has one theme – love

I don’t care if a couple has spent €20 or €2000 on flowers. If the dress came from ASOS or Vera Wang. I’m there to capture the story. And the story isn’t found in handwritten calligraphy menus. It’s found in the faces and the actions of the people who are there to witness it.

The shoes, the dress. They are just small details in a larger story. A story about love.

Most of the couples who book me as their photographer choose to do so not because of pictures they’ve seen on my blog of a perfectly decorated table or a creative shot of the wedding rings. They don’t even book me because they want to climb mountains in their wedding dress.

Couples book me because they fall in love with the realness and the authenticity of how I photograph a wedding. They see the story of a wedding day that is magical in all of its perfections and imperfections.

As a result, I’ll continue to promote my photography by showing this.

Real people.

Genuine emotions.

Real stories.

Bride and groom duck as rice is thrown at them as they leave their ceremony as husband and wife by Wild Connections Photography



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