Mayrhofen Forest Engagement Shoot – Rosina & Michael

I’ve been dying to share this Mayrhofen forest engagement shoot with Rosina and Michael from last Autumn.


Rosina wanted to incorporate their beautiful daughter Emilia into their engagement shoot, so we found a super cute way to announce their upcoming wedding to the world. Whilst Emilia helped by holding a wooden sign with an important question, Rosina wrote the answer on her hand.

Afterwards, the three of us took a walk to the forest close to their house. Although they love Emilia to bits, Rosina and Michael really enjoyed spending some time together as a couple. They reminded themselves that the wedding is about the two of them and their love for each other.

Small child sits with a chalboard sign saying "Papa asked Mama a Questions" and on the right handside the woman has "YES" written on her hand Rosina and Michael share a kiss in front of their home in Mayrhofen during their Engagement shoot by Wild COnnections Photography As they are about to kiss Michael makes Rosina laugh outside their home in Marhofen during their engagement shoot by WIld Connections Photography Rosina & Michael embrace in the forest during their Mayrhofen engagement session Michael picks up Rosina and carries her over his choulder duting their Mayrhofen Forest engagement shoot by Wild Connections Photography Michael sits on a bench in the forest and looks at Rosina who is out of the frame Rosina & Michael share a kiss whilst leaning up against a tree in a forest in Mayrhofen in Zillertal Austria Rosina & Michael talk a walk hand in hand through the forest in Mayrhofen Zillertal Austria Autumn leaves lie on the ground as Rosina & Michael walk through the forest looking at each other in Mayrhofen Austria Rosina & Michael kiss passionately in the forest in Mayrhofen Austria by Wild Connections Photography Rosina stands on a log in the forest and brushes her hair behind her ear Close up photos of Ronsina & Michael embracing in the forest Rosina & Michael walk away from the camera with their arms around each other in a forest in Mayrhofen in Austria

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