We Are The Ekkelbooms

I often get couples telling me that they are not very photogenic and that they feel awkward in front of the camera. And the truth is, I absolutely hate having my photograph taken. I amĀ terrified that because I’m so self-conscious and critical about my own body that I’ll only see my flaws. I usually make excuses to stay behind the camera whenever I can and when I have to step on the other side, all I can think about is Chandler and Monica’s engagement photos in Friends.

In October a friend of mine from the UK came to visit and we shot a wedding together. I a massive fan of Lucy‘s work and I was very excited that she agreed to take a few pictures of Menno and I in return for us showing her around the area where we live. Even though I felt stiff and uncomfortable, as I usually do in front of the camera, Lucy was wonderful at getting me to relax and now we have a wonderful gift – pictures of Menno and I together!

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Thank you one again Lucy for just being awesome!

Check her website out here: Lucy Turnbull Photography



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