How I Get Natural Relaxed Wedding Photos On A Wedding Day

With almost every new enquiry I receive, during our first Skype call, it usually comes up in conversation how much they love my natural relaxed wedding photos. And then comes the same question, from almost every single couple I speak to:

We love the natural relaxed look, but we’re really uncomfor-table in front of the camera. Will that be a problem?

And my answer is always the same.

Let’s get real. Most of us feel really uncomfortable in front of a camera, especially so when there are such big expectations on the line like on a wedding day.

But I’ve developed a few ways now that help us to achieve those natural images together, and today I’ll let you in to a few of my secrets:

I Will Have Taken The Time To Get To Know You

I think wedding photography is a bit like a first date. Perhaps we met online or at a social gathering (although I’m a bit of a hermit so I’m rarely spotted at such things). We’ve exchanged a few messages online, connected on social media and finally it’s time to meet face to face. Endless emails have not prepared us for finally spending time along together. But the more time we have together, after the initial awkwardness has passed, we chat about the things we’ve seen on each other’s social media profiles and swapped embarrassing travel illness stories and before you know it, we feel like we’ve know each other for years.

Bride and groom in the ocean in Ibiza Elopement

I Will Give You Something To Do

I very rarely place a couple in a pose and make them stand their stiffly while I take photos. That’s just not my style. I like movement and natural body positions, so instead of telling you how to stand, I might give you a direction. This could be something as simple as walking, which I’m 99% confident you’ll both be able to ace (even if you’re wearing high heels in sand like Robyn was).

Bride and groom walking along Cala Tarida beach in Ibiza

I Will Make You Laugh

Sometimes you’re comfortable enough to get a bit playful with each other and have a giggle. If not, I’ll be ready to step in with my awkward behaviour and bad jokes. You might not be laughing with me, but I’m quite good at getting you to laugh at me.

Bride and groom in a small mountain cable car laughing


I Know When To Take A Step Back And Let The Magic Happen

So much of getting beautiful candid moments is about being patient and letting things unfold naturally, and being ready to capture them when they do. Usually after we’ve done a bit of what I talked about above, you’re feeling more relaxed and happy to just be your normal selves. That’s when the magic happens. All I do now is step back and let things unfold naturally. As they do I might come in closer to get your expressions and then move away again giving you some space.

Bride and groom laughing and smiling in the old town of Innsbruck Austria

Another great way to get to know each other and have a practice run for the wedding day is to have an engagement shoot. Want to know more? Click HERE



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