Ode To A Blurry Photograph

As digital camera technology is getting better every day, photography has become more and more popular.

Anyone can go out there and buy a DSLR, mirrorless camera or iphone and learn a thing or two about photography.

And everything you’ll learn is all in the pursuit of taking that “perfect photograph”.

But what is a perfect photograph anyway? Cameras and lenses are sharper these days then ever before, so a perfect image should be sharp right? Well exposed? Perfectly composed?

Well my opinion might upset you here.

I absolutely don’t believe a great photograph has to be technically perfect! In fact sometimes it’s the imperfect ones that sometimes are the most special.

You can have the most technically perfect photograph in the world, and still FEEL NOTHING.

A great photograph evokes emotion; excitement, sadness, empathy, love. And these moments are usually not planned, not set up. They are perfect moments in an imperfect world.
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