What To Pack For An Adventure Wedding

Packing for an adventure wedding can be tricky. On one hand, you’re packing the same things you might pack for any other adventure, but this time you’re also going to need to think about some wedding-specific items you might want to take too. So how do you decide what you need to pack for an adventure wedding?

What To Pack For An Adventure Wedding

Adventure-Related Items

First, let’s start off with the adventure part. The likelihood is that you know what things you’re going to need for this part, as most people who plan adventure weddings plan them around something they already love doing. The main thing I want to add to this part is that if you decide to buy any new stuff, but especially if you have new footwear, make sure that you break it in. Whilst you might not want to make your brand new gear dirty before the wedding day, you also don’t want to be in discomfort if after 10 minutes you realise something doesn’t quite fit properly.

Wedding Related Items

Unlike a standard adventure weekend, you might be thinking about taking some things with you to make everything feel a bit more special and wedding-y so let’s look some of the options of other things you might want to pack:

1. Wedding Dress and/or Suit

If you’re planning on getting dressed up for the occasion, you might have a special dress or suit that you need to pack. Try to keep it separate from your outdoor gear if you can to avoid risking getting it dirty, and consider packing it in a lightweight suit/dress bag or even a carrier bag. Anything that can keep it from getting dirty before you need to wear it will definitely come in handy. And if you’re packing it in a rucksack, rolling instead of folding should help reduce creases. You can read more about choosing an adventure wedding dress HERE.

2. Small Makeup Bag

While I do not believe that anyone should feel they have to wear makeup if you’ve just hiked up and you’re feeling less-than-beautiful and more like a hot, sweaty mess, a quick application of some face powder, mascara and some lipgloss will have you feeling like a rockstar bride. Throw in a compact hairbrush too so you can give yourself a quick tidy up before the ceremony.

3. Sun Protection & Insect Repellant

Both location specific but both can be vital if you’re planning on spending a large amount of your day outdoors.

4. Your Vows, Gifts For One Another, Or Small Personal Items

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or fancy, but having your vows written out in a nice card or a small gift to give to one other adds a lovely extra dimension to your pictures. Another nice touch can be having a couple of small personal items such as a special piece of jewellery or a lucky mascot. And don’t forget your wedding rings!

5. Something To Toast With

Whilst you don’t want to be carrying a magnum of champagne around, consider packing a small bottle of something bubbly and a couple of plastic cups or camping mugs into your bag so that you can toast to your marriage afterwards.

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