Photobooth Alternatives For An Unforgettable Wedding Experience

Over the last 10 years, having a photobooth at a wedding has become a popular part of the guest experience. You know the ones I mean? A table of fun props and a camera plus flash combo. But because they have become so popular, everyone is doing them. So how can you do something that will make your wedding stand out?

If you are looking to create the ultimate, unforgettable guest experience on your wedding day, then you should consider these fun alternatives:

GIF Photobooth

A modern take on the traditional photobooth, this setup creates animated GIFs and sends them directly to your smartphone.

Gifyyy from David Miller on Vimeo.

Instant Film Cameras

I’m talking old school,¬†Polaroid-style cameras that print out the pictures right away. Polaroid is still making these cameras and now Fujifilm has also created their line of Instax cameras. Simply buy yourself a camera and some instant film and leave it on a table for guests to play with. Before you know it, the camera will be being passed around the room and taken on the dancefloor. You can even leave a scrapbook out as an alternative to a guestbook for people to stick their pictures in and leave messages for you.Fuji Instax film for an alternative guestbook by Wild Connections Photography

A VW Bus Booth

Instead of having a traditional photobooth set up inside your venue, you can hire external photobooths, and my favourite has to be a vintage VW camper. Yes, you read that right. A photobooth inside a VW camper van. How cool is that?!

Vintage VW camper as the wedding day transport in St Ives Cornwall by Wild Connections Photography


Have you seen any other wedding photobooth alternatives? Tell me about them in the comments below.


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