Pinterest – Expectations Versus Reality

Pinterest can be a great tool for wedding planning. It’s great for getting inspiration for the theme and feel of how you want your wedding to look. But when it comes to your wedding photography, sometimes it can lead to disappointment when Pinterest expectations don’t match reality.

Pinterest Expectations Versus Reality

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through Pinterest and you see a picture and fall in love with it. You pin it and send it to your photographer hoping that they’ll be able to recreate it for you.

As a photographer, I want to do everything I can to give my couples an unforgettable experience and create the most amazing pictures for them. I love to know what pictures inspire them, and their vision for their wedding day. But when I see a Pinterest board of “must-have” images, my heart breaks a little and here is why:

There Are So Many Elements That Make A Great Photograph

As photographers, we know that a great photograph is sometimes reliant on a number of factors coming together, such as light, the weather and the environment we are shooting in. And then there is the fact that we are photographing real humans, not professional models.

So I thought it would be fun to ask some of my wonderful colleagues in the wedding photography world to share some of their favourite images and tell you a little bit about them, including why re-creating them isn’t always possible.

Amber from Liberty Pearl Photography says:
I love sunset / golden hour images, however, you cannot ‘plan’ them, especially in the UK! My work is very seasonal and guided by nature. You cannot plan when the cherry blossom or bluebells are out in your wedding venue because it is different every year. As much as I’d love to, I’ve not been able to recreate a shot like this one. We were so lucky with the wildflowers and the sunset that everything just came together perfectly. But had the sunset been in a different direction, or there were buildings in the background, the picture would have had much less impact.

Sunset shot by Liberty Pearl Photography
Image by Liberty Pearl Photography

This image by Hannah Hall Photography was a completely unplanned shot:

As we were doing couple¬†portraits inside the venue, the sunlight started beaming through the window creating such a beautiful golden silhouette around the couple. I definitely couldn’t have planned this shot. We were just really lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Sunset silhouette by Hannah Hall Photography
Image by Hannah Hall Photography

Kat Forsyth explained that even though she would have loved to, she was never able to recreate this shot:

This was complete luck – I shot at that same venue a number of times after this, but never saw a giraffe again!

South Africa destination wedding by Kat Forsyth Photography
Image by Kat Forsyth Photography

One of my own popular images on Pinterest is this one:

Seefeld Wedding bride and groom kiss under the cable car which transports guests up the ski slope by Wild Connections Photography

Creating this image was super fun, but it also wasn’t planned, and if I returned to the same spot 1 month later, I wouldn’t have been able to take it. It just so happened that on Steph & Lee’s wedding day, the ski run from the top was closed due to a lack of snow which meant you could walk under the lift and there were no other people around. If the ski run had been open, it would have been far too dangerous to stand in this spot but we got lucky. There aren’t many ski resorts that have such old, low lifts like this one in Seefeld either, so recreating something similar in another resort could be tricky too.

And sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to play along, like for this mountain elopement where the clouds never lifted so we never actually got to see any mountains. Instead, we captured lots of beautiful pictures in the mist and around the mountain hut.

Hallstatt Elopement by Wild Connections Photography

So what is the moral of this story?

I guess, as my Grandmother used to say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Knowing what images you like and booking a photographer whose style matches is certainly key. And having a conversation with your photographer about why you love certain images is a great way for to them to see what you like and explore why you like them. But try not to get your hopes up on creating one particular shot. Because if all the factors don’t come together on the day to make it happen, you might be disappointed with the result. Try to trust your photographer to create you something unique and un-repeatable and to capture the day as it happened.



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