Winter Wedding Planning Advice

As the days are starting to get shorter and colder, I’m already starting to dream about winter.

Winter weddings are magical. Glistening snow and warm crackling fires can provide a really intimate atmosphere.

When planning a winter wedding, here are a few considerations to bear in mind to help everything to run smoothly and give everyone an experience they will not forget:


Keep Everyone Warm


Having a warm indoor location where your guests can keep warm is vital, especially if you have older guests or children in the party. If you decide to have an outdoor ceremony, having an indoor location where they can wait and supplying them with blankets for the ceremony is a great way to keep them happy and toasty warm.


And instead of a champagne reception, perhaps consider a mulled wine and hot chocolate reception, with s’mores instead of canapes.


Daylight Hours


During the winter the sun sets much earlier, so try to plan the majority of your wedding during daylight hours if you want your photographer to capture it using natural light and not flash.




Keeping your wedding to a single location reduces the amount of time your guests will have to spend out in the cold, and negotiating potentially icy roads and pathways.


Bridal Party Attire


When choosing the bridal party’s outfits, bare in mind what is going to be both warm and practical.

Full length dresses with sleeves or tulle skirts with cardigans and wooly tights look great and are warmer then silk or chiffon. Instead of high heels, perhaps consider wearing cute winter boots that have tread on the bottom to stop anyone slipping over.

For the men, woolen suits with scarves and gloves not only help to keep them warm, but look really great in the photographs too.


If you plan on doing bridal party pictures outside, you could even think about having coordinated coats for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Keep Your Guests Informed

Many couples like to specify a dress code on their invitations. Make sure your guests are advised to dress warmly and where appropriate, wear sturdy shoes.

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