A photographic diary of a 20-day journey in Madagascar.

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When we got married, when asked what we wanted for wedding presents, we told our friends and family that we wanted money towards a honeymoon. We’d talked about going on a great adventure, and we told everyone that Madagascar would be our destination. We got married in August 2014, and quickly realised that a trip to Madagascar wouldn’t be worth it unless we could dedicate at least 2 weeks to it, so that we could see as much of the country as possible. Since Menno was still studying for his masters at the time, and I was working full time, we decided to put it off for a little while. We managed a short honeymoon in Iceland which was incredible, but we didn’t forget about our Madagascan dreams.

In the winter of 2015, we started talking about Menno’s 30th birthday and him finishing his studies. We talked about celebrating both with a great adventure, and started researching Madagascar. We both checked with our respective employers about the possibility of taking three weeks off, and before we knew it, we’d booked flights…

Join us on a 20 day trip around Madagascar, exploring the diverse flora and fauna.

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