How To Rock A Rainy Day Wedding

No matter how perfectly planned your wedding day might be, the weather is one thing that you simply can’t control.

Whilst rain on your wedding day may not be what you imagined, as long as you’re prepared for it then there’s no reason why it should dampen your spirits (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun).

To make sure you’re prepared for whatever weather comes your way, here’s a couple of tips from me:

  • If you have elements of the day that will take place outside check with your venues what the procedure is for bad weather. Will there be large umbrellas provided outside or will the wedding be relocated indoors? Speak to your venue in advance so that you both know what plan B is if the weather turns.
  • Purchase a few umbrellas for the bridal party in advance if you are worried about the rain. You can even co-ordinate them to match your wedding colour scheme.

St Johann in Tirol Wedding
If you’re worried about your couple photos, then don’t be. I think I can speak for many other wedding photographers when I say that we’re not bothered by a little bit of rain. Professional photography equipment is usually pretty well waterproofed, so we’ll happily go for a wander in the rain.

To make sure that you feel comfortable, I’d recommend having some backup flat shoes on hand for walking around on, since high heels and wet grass really don’t mix very well. And if you’re worried about getting wet, a see-through umbrella is perfect for keeping you dry and you can get some pretty cute pictures with it too.karin-gernot-blog13

Don’t be afraid to get wet and a little bit muddy. Pictures in the rain can be so beautiful and dramatic if you are willing to go outside to take them. You’ll soon dry off once you start dancing anyway!

Rainy Wedding Day



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