Reportage Wedding Photography – What Is It?

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, you’ve probably read the term reportage at least ten times. Almost all photographers use this term to describe at least a part of their service.

But what does it mean?

The dictionary definition is “the act or technique of reporting news”.

What does this have to do with wedding photography? You’re photographing a wedding, not covering events in the Middle East.

But a wedding day is so much more than an exchanging of vows and posing for portraits. There are so many sub-stories running alongside the main event. It’s those small in-between moments that make up the story of your day.

And that’s what reportage is. It’s capturing those small in-between moments that seem so insignificant at the time but later become the memories that you treasure. It’s about seeing and anticipating things before they happen and noticing the smallest details that may seem random on their own but put them in to the story and they create a narrative.

Picture of a man in a shirt and tie pulling a funny face on a dance floor with flashing lights around him The groom laughs out loud at the bride struggles to write her new name in the marriage register The best man checking the running order and typing it in to his phone A reflection of the bride in a compact make up mirror A bridesmaid in a fur jacket smiling in a cable car as they travel up the mountain for a winter wedding ceremony The bride wipes away tears at the back of the room during her brother's wedding speech A wedding guest holding a black handwritten "he put a ring on it" sign The bride curling over in laughter during wedding speeches The groom and his entourage have a drink at the bar at the St Ives hotel on the morning of the wedding and have a laugh about old memories

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