Rotterdam – The Manhattan Of The Netherlands

To celebrate my 31st birthday and the end of Menno’s master’s degree, I booked us a surprise weekend break in Rotterdam. Although this might not be top on many people’s must-see travel locations, I chose it because the flights were pretty cheap and at convenient times. After doing a bit more research, and quizzing Menno about it, since he knew much more about the city than I did, we were pretty excited to see Rotterdam.
Since Rotterdam was almost completely destroyed during the second world war, the city is a blank canvas for new and exciting architecture. There are new buildings all over the city, and for anyone interested in modern architecture, it’s really a great place to visit. You’re also spoiled for choice if you’re interested in art and culture, with the Kunsthaal and my favourite, the Nederlands Fotomuseum.
During the trip, I decided to test out my birthday present, a Canon 1V film camera, with my favourite lens, the Canon 24mm Tilt Shift.
Thanks to UK Film Lab for the brilliant scans!
Rotterdam Film Photography CEW070416002195-06 CEW070416002195-07 CEW070416002195-08 CEW070416002195-11 CEW070416002195-12 CEW070416002195-14 CEW070416002195-16 CEW070416002195-17 CEW070416002195-18 CEW070416002195-19 CEW070416002195-21 CEW070416002195-22 CEW070416002195-24 CEW070416002195-25 CEW070416002195-26 CEW070416002195-28 CEW070416002195-30 CEW070416002195-31 CEW070416002195-32 CEW070416002195-33 CEW070416002195-35 CEW070416002195-36 CEW070416002196-01 CEW070416002196-02 CEW070416002196-03 CEW070416002196-05 CEW070416002196-08 CEW070416002196-10 CEW070416002196-13 CEW070416002196-15 CEW070416002196-16 CEW070416002196-19 CEW070416002196-20 CEW070416002196-21 CEW070416002196-22 CEW070416002196-24 CEW070416002196-25 CEW070416002196-27 CEW070416002196-29 CEW070416002196-31 CEW070416002196-34 CEW070416002196-35 CEW070416002196-36 CEW070416002197-01 CEW070416002197-02 CEW070416002197-04 CEW070416002197-05 CEW070416002197-06 CEW070416002197-07 CEW070416002197-08 CEW070416002197-09 CEW070416002197-11 CEW070416002197-12 CEW070416002197-15 Outside a modern art museum in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography Menno walks down a yellow walkway in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography A portraits of Menno Ekkelboom leaning against a graffiti wall in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography A portrait of my husband Menno Ekkelboom in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography CEW070416002197-23 CEW070416002197-24 A bicycle chained to a lamppost in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography An old canal on the outskirts of Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography The sails of an old windmill in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography A windmill in an old district in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography Tilt-shift picture of a rabbit statue outside the Kunsthaal in Rotterdam by Wild Connections Photography
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