The Secret To Getting Epic Photos

Warning: The word epic may be used excessively in this blog post and I’m not even sorry. If you can only handle minimal epic-ness in your life, stop reading now.

With Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, it’s almost impossible to avoid looking at all kinds of work from different photographers. I love all kinds of photography, from portraits and wedding photography to travel and sports photography. At first I used to find this completely overwhelming as a photographer, but now I’ve found a new tactic. If I see an image that I love, I ask myself what it is that I love about it. I’ve started analysing pictures in order to understand what I think makes an epic photo and how I can use that knowledge to inspire me and the couples I work with to create their own epic photos. And for me, I think the secret to getting epic photos comes down to two main things. It doesn’t matter what genre of photography I’m looking at. The same two things are what speak to me and what I think turn a good image in to a epic one.

The Secret To Getting Epic Photos

When I look at images that I love, there are two main things that I think make an image being worthy of epic status. And the good news is that both are things that you can do on your wedding day or during your photo session to create your own epic images that you’ll want to hang on your walls.  The two ingredients for this epic photo recipe are:


Whenever I see an image that shows real emotions, I find it very hard not to feel something too. Pictures of two people standing up straight looking in opposite directions might look really cool, like a hipster album cover, but for me personally, I find it hard to connect emotionally with. And having designed a good number of wedding albums for couples, only one or two of these shots will make it in to the album. Instead, most of the time it’s the pictures of laughter and tears and smiling faces that are the ones that are cherished the most. As a photographer I want you to allow yourself to feel all the emotions that you are feeling and to let them burst out from you. When you let your emotions show, your whole body language changes. You pictures suddenly become so much more natural and effortless. The catch? You have to allow yourself to really feel everything you’re feeling.

Close up of couple embracing


Great light is the other key ingredient to getting epic photos. Photography is essentially painting with light, and the type of light can completely change the mood and feel on an image. Whilst it might not always be something you can control, I’m actually down on my knees right now begging you to make getting the best light a priority if you can. The best, most gorgeous, insanely amazing light happens twice a day. Just after sunrise and just before sunset. And if the weather is on your side, this kind of light can turn great photos into insanely epic ones. The problem here is that you either need to be prepared to get up mega early to catch it, or you need to stay out late. On a wedding day this can obviously provide some big timetable challenges. But when the light is right, it’s oh so worth it! But if you’re eloping, or planning an engagement shoot or post-wedding shoot, then I 100% recommend trying to schedule your session to make the most of the light.

Sunset Elopement in the Dolomites by Wild Connections Photography


When you can create a photo with one of these two ingredients, you know it’s going to be pretty awesome. But when you give yourself the best possible chances of including both, you know you’re going to be setting yourself up for insanely epic photos.

The Secret To Epic Photos By Wild Connections Photography

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