So You Want To Go Skiing On Your Wedding Day?

If you’re planning a winter wedding in the snow and you live for your annual winter sports¬†holidays, I’m guessing you’ve thought about going skiing on your wedding day.

Whether it’s on the day of the wedding instead of a first dance, or after the wedding day, skiing in your wedding dress will be an experience you’ll never forget.

When planning to ski or snowboard in your wedding outfits, there’s a couple of things to think about to make sure you’re prepared and comfortable:

How To Go Skiing/Snowboarding in Wedding Clothes

Ski Wedding

1. Make Sure You Buy Outfits That Allow You To Move With Ease

When choosing your wedding outfits, keep in the back of your mind that you might want to hit the slopes in them. When you ski or snowboard you’re usually quite active in your movement, so just as you want clothes that won’t restrict you on the dancefloor, think about how you move when you’re on skis too and if you’ll be able to do that easily.


2. For Snowboarders

Think about how wide your stance is. For girls, a tightly fitted dress, or for guys tighter trousers may stop you from being able to stand in your usual wider stance, so make sure you test this when shopping for your wedding clothes. For brides, you’ll probably also want to re-think having a train on your wedding dress, as you could end up getting it stuck under the board everytime you go for a heelside turn.

3. Research The Lift Situation

Chairlifts or cable cars are always preferable above drag lifts as not only are they more comfortable, but there’s less chance, especially for the bride, of getting the dress caught up in something.

Skiing Bride

4. Don’t Forget The Accessories

Whilst you might not want to put on a helmet and goggles, don’t forget to pack at least sunglasses if it’s going to be even slightly sunny, as there’s nothing worse than snow-blindness. And remember to pack a pair of socks so you don’t get blisters and have a jacket handy in case you need to cover up and keep warm.

Bec and Dan posing with their skis in the snow on the wedding day in Austria

5. Have A Competent Friend/Family Member Come Along

If you’ve got a jacket, bouquet or anything else that you want to bring on the shoot with you but perhaps not wear the whole time, having a competent skier or snowboarder in the wedding party who can tag along and hold stuff can be really helpful.

And don’t forget your lift passes!

Family Ski PhotoSki Wedding


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