Wedding Planning For The Non-Girly Bride

I own dresses. I even like wearing them. I even have a drawer full of make-up and nail varnish. And sometimes I might put a bit of it on. But as far back as I can remember, I’ve never been a girly girl. I wasn’t in the cool group of girlsĀ at school, the ones who always looked perfect. I was the girl on all of the sports teams (not because I was good at sports but simply because I enjoyed it) and in all of the music clubs. School discos, and then later down the line, nights out clubbing were usually events I tried to avoid. Why? Because surrounded by all these girls in high heels with perfect hair and makeup made me feel like an alien. Even when I tried to get all dressed up for a night out, I never felt beautiful.

The wedding industry in my mind is even worse than beauty magazines for helping lower our self-esteem. If you haven’t noticed already, most of the colour schemes of wedding related websites are shades of pinks or pastels, calligraphy and florals. And the articles. Do are I dare mention the words “gender stereotyping”?

Today’s wedding blog headlines included:

“All of the 2017 Oscars Dresses Brides Have To See”

“Do You Need An Acid Peel Before The Big Day”

“4 Exercises To Look Amazing In Your Wedding Dress”.

I’m not even a bride anymore, and yet these articles can still make me feel wonderfully crap about myself. Sometimes I even feel sorry for Menno, that he got stuck a stocky, sporty girl, more at home in skinny jeans and trainers than a skinny beauty queen who can glide around a room in stilettos and a sequin cocktail dress.

But just because some of us are not girly girls who coo over princess dresses and tiaras, doesn’t mean we haven’t dreamed of our wedding day. Of course, we want to feel and look amazing. We want to take our fiancee’s breath away as we walk down the aisle. But to feel truly beautiful, we need to be true to ourselves.

Inspiration for the non-girly bride

Thankfully there are more and more blogs and the odd printed magazine that are celebrating all things different. Places for ideas and inspiration that are not just about perfect skin and pretty white gowns.

Way Out Wedding

Rock n Roll Bride

We Are The Wanderers

Offbeat Bride

Equally Wed

F* Yeah Gay Wedings


Are there some more wedding blogs that I don’t know about that are also great for inspiration? Tell me about them in the comments below.


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