5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Needs To Know

I’ve worked in the wedding industry for almost 3 years, and each and every wedding day that I’ve celebrated with my couples has been unique. It’s one of the most wonderful things about being a wedding photographer. In the time running up to a wedding or elopement, I try to get to know as much about my couples and their families as possible in order to try and capture the most meaningful story on their wedding day. But sometimes vital information about the wedding day doesn’t get passed on, and it’s heartbreaking to find out afterwards that there might have been something important that I might have missed. So for all future couples, whether I’m your wedding photographer, or someone else is, here are some things your wedding photographer needs to know.

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5 Things Your Photographer Needs To Know

1. If You Have Any Body-Conscious Issues

Some people are completely happy with their bodies and I admire these people greatly. Most of us, however, have the odd thing that we can be a little self-conscious about. Whether it’s a scar that you’d prefer to keep covered or height difference you don’t want to emphasize too much, it’s really important to tell them about it. Knowing about these things can help in deciding how best to photograph you without highlighting the things you feel self-conscious about.

2. Any Family Drama

Ok, not just family drama, but also friend drama. These days, families come in many different shapes and sizes, and there’s usually at least one person you know whose life is like an episode of Eastenders. As photographers, we want to make everyone around us feel comfortable, and also capture pictures of the people that you love the most. Things that are really useful to know include divorces or separations, if anyone is suffering from illness or if there have been any recent bereavements, tensions between people, important people who might not in the bridal party, and mobility issues or disabilities that my not be obvious. It may seem a bit OTT to give your photographer a rundown of your family history, no matter how insignificant it may seem, but it makes the world of difference to us. Knowing who are the most important people to you, and just as much, the ones who are slightly less important can help us prioritize what and who we photograph, as well as making sure we don’t put our foot in it during any group pictures. And you’ll get bonus points if you can give us names and pictures of the most important people before your wedding day so we know exactly who we need to look out for.

3. The Full Timeline (Including Any Surprises)

Weddings photographers spend the whole wedding day with you capturing the action. They will have different equipment for different elements of the day, and they often need to be one step ahead of everyone else. Making sure they know the full running order for the day means that they can plan what equipment they need, when is the best time to change batteries or backup cards and when they need to photograph certain elements. And whilst I understand that surprises are exactly that, a surprise, let your wedding party know who your photographer is, and encourage them to inform us if there are any surprises planned for you on your wedding day. Whilst we are prepared for a lot of things to happen spontaneously on a wedding day, knowing about them in advance means that we can make sure we are in the right place at the right time to capture it.

4. The Other Vendors Involved

Please tell us the names of all of the other people who are going to be working on your wedding day. Especially wedding planners or videographers. It means that we can get in touch with each other beforehand and chat about how we can work together to create the best day ever.

5. Your Biggest Concerns

Tell us if there is anything that you are worried about on your wedding day. It doesn’t even need to be anything photography related. Most wedding photographers are a fountain of knowledge and ideas when it comes to weddings, so let us know what’s worrying you and we’ll try our best to help you out.




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