Life After Solo Travel – Why Travelling As A Couple Is Even Better

Almost every day my Facebook feed is filled with articles about solo travel. Usually along the lines of why everyone should try solo travel and how it’s one of the best ways to see the world and to “find yourself”.

I’m not bashing solo travel. I travelled around the world following the winter for 2 years. And I still travel solo quite a lot now in my job as a destination wedding photographer. I’ve met incredible people along the way and have had some unforgettable experiences.

But 7 years ago, something changed. I met a guy, fell in love, and we decided to travel together. We travelled for a few months then moved to the Alps where we still live now. We might have a fixed home together now but we still travel a lot. And I truly believe that travelling as a couple is even better than travelling solo and here’s why:

Life After Solo Travel – Why Travelling As A Couple Is Even Better

Engagement Session Brittany & Alex stand facing each other under a large black spotted umbrella and kiss in Innsbruck Old Town by Wild Connections Photography

Someone To Make Long Journey’s Bearable

Whether it’s a long road trip or a long haul flight, we’ve always got each other for company. No more sitting next to strangers with a questionable sense of personal space. Instead, we’ve got each other to lean against and chat to.


Trying New Things I Might Not Have Otherwise

When you travel solo you can do whatever you like. You pick the activities that interest you and skip over the things that don’t. But when you travel as a couple, you have to compromise. Sometimes this means going somewhere to trying something you might not have chosen yourself. But that can lead to being pleasantly surprised and experiencing something you might never have done had you been alone.

Ibiza Beach Elopement Cala Comte

Someone Always Has Your Back

Whether it’s a missed connection or a bout of sickness, you know you’ve got someone looking out for you and in return, you look out for them. He especially looks out for me on flights when he lets me order him a gluten free meal and I order an Asian vegetarian one so that we can play swapsies with the bread rolls and desserts.


Shared Experiences

When I’m travelling alone and I’m somewhere beautiful the thing I miss the most is having my husband by my side to witness it with me. Because sharing an experience with someone not only makes the experience more memorable, but it also strengthens the bond between you. Yes, you can tell everyone about it when you get back but if they weren’t there, they’ll soon get tired of hearing the story. But when you share it with someone special, you’ll treasure that memory together forever.

Cat & Menno Watch the sunset in Pula Croatia
Would I go back to choosing to travel solo again? No, I wouldn’t. It was a great experience in my 20’s but I truly believe what I have now is even better and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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