Travelling With A Wedding Dress – Destination Wedding Advice

When you are planning a destination wedding, one of the biggest stresses can be how to travel with your wedding dress. You want to make sure that you dress arrives safely, and in the best possible condition. So what are the best tips for travelling with a wedding dress?

Tip 1: Shop Wisely

When you start shopping for wedding dresses, bear in mind your wedding destination and how you plan to get there. If you know you’ll almost certainly be flying, then you’re probably going to want to look for lightweight fabrics and dresses that don’t require a large underskirt with endless layers of tulle.

Tip 2: Can I Take It On Board?

If you are flying, find out what the airline’s policy is for carrying a wedding dress. If you don’t want to risk packing your dress in a suitcase and placing it into the hold, you’ll need to see if you can take it on as hand luggage. Some airlines will require you to book an extra seat for your dress, while others may let you take it on without an extra charge as long as you notify them in advance. If you want to take it on board with you without booking it an extra seat, then you’ll need to make sure that it fits in a container that corresponds with the airline’s carry on dimensions.

Tip 3: Roll, Don’t Fold

However you decide to take it, if you can’t keep it hanging the whole time, you’ll want to roll it up instead of folding. When rolled properly, it is less likely to have as many deep creases in it. Most bridal shops are pros at packing dresses, so if you can, ask the bridal shop to pack the dress for you. Just take your dress box or suitcase, and let them show you how it’s done.

Tip 4: Unpack It As Soon As Possible

Once you arrive at your destination, find a safe place and unpack your dress. Hang it somewhere so that it’s completely off the ground, giving any creases a chance to drop out. If that doesn’t help, hang it in the bathroom and let the shower run hot to steam out any last creases.
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