On Turning 30 (Plus A Bit)

Thirty something years ago my parents made the best mistake ever, and had me! Ok, it was 32 years ago but keep that to yourselves.

Today as I sit editing photos from last weekend’s amazing wedding waiting for Menno to get home with wine and Indian take away, I can’t help but be grateful so many wonderful things in my life. I think sometimes it is so easy to focus on all the things you haven’t achieved, that you can overlook so many other gifts that come your way.

Two weeks ago I received my first healthly blood test result after almost 6 months of being extremely unwell. I feel great and finally by body is working properly again.

I’ve recently had my travel pictures from Madagascar published on the incredible Magnolia Rouge, a blog I never thought I would be good enough to be published in.

This winter I have been honored to have photographed 5 wonderful winter weddings with the most amazing couples who have been so welcoming.

I’m so excited about some amazing weddings for the summer and look forward to meeting more wonderful couples and seeing some beautiful new places.

So this weekend I’m going to celebrate by taking a day off and going to a thermal spa with my wonderful husband and have dinner with some amazing friends.

Life is good. And I am so grateful to everyone who has helped make it this way.



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